Verbot von Werbung und Sponsoring für fossile Energien

Liebe Mitstreiter:innen,
wir unterstützen die Europäische Bürgerinitiative zum Verbot von Werbung und Sponsoring für fossile Energien. Die deutschsprachige Website zum Unterschreiben findet ihr hier: Legt euch eure Pass- oder Personalausweisnummer zurecht, die braucht ihr dafür.
Danke für jede Stimme!
C.S.M. von Seniors for Future Austria

Our heating planet is causing a humanitarian & environmental crisis and fossil fuel companies like Shell, BP and Total are the main culprits. They’ve spent decades doing all they can to hide this fact and block serious climate action. And they’ve used greenwashing to manipulate governments and the public so they can continue raking in obscene profits while the rest of us deal with record temperatures and skyrocketing energy prices.

Enough is enough! 

It’s time we banned fossil fuel advertising in Europe. That’s why we’re joining together with more than 35 other organisations, to push for this ban with a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). Once we hit a million signatures we have the chance to change European law and force the EU Commission and Parliament to discuss our proposal to ban fossil ads. [1]

We need to hit one million by October 1st and this mammoth campaign needs all the support it can get! 

Will you add your name to stop fossil fuel giants from using advertising and sponsorships as a smokescreen to distract from their climate-wrecking businesses?

Fossil fuel companies are pumping millions into greenwashing while making meaningless net zero promises and introducing false “solutions”, in order to gloss over their decades of destruction. They are falsely painting themselves as allies and extending the deadline of their obsolete business.” – actor and activist Emma Thompson [2]

BP, Total, Shell and others continue to influence politics and society through misleading PR campaigns just like the tobacco industry did. Tobacco advertising was legally banned in the EU for being a threat to our health so let’s do the same with fossil fuel companies

Help shut the climate killers‘ propaganda down. Join the fight to put an end to fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships now.

Join the call to #BanFossilAds

Through ads and sponsorships, fossil fuels are exploiting everything we care about: sports, music, art, museums – and pretty much any other cultural space you can think of.

Right now we have a chance to dismantle the power and influence that fossil fuel companies are using to block the climate action we need. Public pressure made it happen for tobacco and we can do it again with fossil fuels. 

With hope and solidarity,

Lisa, Soraya, Nick, Sofia and everyone on the 350 Europe team

Stephan, Christa and Martin von Seniors for Future Austria

P.S Help us reach 1 million by sharing this image on social media along with the link ( and your own personal message encouraging people to join us. You can also retweet this. Thanks!!


[1] Analysis-Fossil fuel firms feel the heat over push for advertising ban (Reuters) 

[2] Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it (Emma Thompson in the Guardian)

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