Bitte helft mit, den weltgrößten Rückversicherer (Münchener Rück) von fossilen Projekten abzubringen!

Hier eine Aktion von SumOfUs, die wir unterstützen:

People power works! Relentless mobilisation from activists and communities on the frontlines has just made Munich Re rule out insuring the disastrous East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).
This month, more than 29,000 SumOfUs members had called on the reinsurer’s CEO, ​​Joachim Wenning, to do the right thing for the planet and end its ties with the disastrous pipeline — his decision to listen to our calls is a powerful reminder of the real magic of people’s mobilization.

However, Munich Re still does not have a comprehensive and global oil and gas policy. This means other toxic projects similar to EACOP – but less infamous — could still go ahead.
Let’s strike while the iron is hot! In the lead up to their Annual General Meeting, let’s put ​​Joachim Wenning under the spotlight to get him to go the whole hog and rule out all new oil and gas projects globally:
Please email Munich Re’s CEO and demand he publish a world-leading oil and gas policy to make sure fossil fuels stay in the ground where they belong:

We are enormously grateful to the tens of thousands of SumOfUS members who forced Munich Re, alongside other frontline groups, to pull out of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline last week.
Momentum is clearly building. Insurance companies are waking up to the reality that the breakdown of the climate means not only the destruction of their business models, but the beginning of a global humanitarian and environmental crisis. Just last week, Allianz, one of the world’s largest oil and gas insurers, followed Munich Re and decided to rule out the EACOP pipeline too!
But the movement can’t stop with one project. It is imperative that Munich Re listen to the science and publish a world-leading oil and gas policy so that all new oil and gas projects, not just EACOP, are abandoned – only that way can we ensure a 1.5 °C limit in the temperature rise. This decision could easily be made at their AGM on 28 April 2022. The problem is, the initiative is facing a lot of backlash and opponents and fossil fuel lobbies are doing their best to block the policy.
Let’s show Munich Re’s CEO that people’s power can’t be ignored:

Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla, Charles and the team at SumOfUs

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